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64. Would You Swipe Right on Your Boss? Big Girl Money

In this episode of Big Girl Money we start with a Big Girl Take, where we give our millennial and boomer takes on a topic! This week's topic is "equanimity" (16:07-29:46). Next we're covering a Big Girl Skill that will help bosses and employees alike. We’re talking about all the characteristics that make a boss great and all the things that make a boss… not so great (29:56-1:06:49). Thanks for listening!
  1. 64. Would You Swipe Right on Your Boss?
  2. 63. New Year, New You, New Job! – A Conversation with Saneh Ste. Claire
  3. 62. The Kind Disruptor – A Conversation with Alicia Robb
  4. 61. Best Tips of 2020… LIVE!
  5. 60. Own The Value You Bring Today – A Conversation with Velera Wilson

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